Ubuntu – Is there a way to disable the new feature in grub2 where it collapses all your old kernels


For example if I have more than one linux kernel I like to boot and I maintain my own /boot properly…I don't want the list collapsed. I want to choose the appropriate installation(one for opencl, one for wireless stuff, one for common usage, one for anonymity, etc).

Best Answer

  • edit /etc/default/grub

    # graphical
    gksu gedit /etc/default/grub
    # command line
    sudo -e /etc/default/grub

    Comment out the HIDDEN_MENU option

    # change the time out to something other then 0
    # comment out #GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT

    Update grub

    sudo update-grub

    For additional information on grub see Ubuntu wiki grub 2