Ubuntu – Is there a way to show external IP in top bar using GNOME 3.28.2 in Ubuntu 18.04


Using some answers I found here: Add a custom text to GNOME panel

I have tried making my own applet but I have not succeeded.

Does someone know of an application that works in Ubuntu 18.04?

There used to be an application for 17.10 that's called indicator-ip by bovender. But it doesn't work for 18.04

Best Answer

  • I've been using Indicator System Monitor for years on Ubuntu 16.04:

    indicator system monitor.gif

    I haven't used it with Gnome but the link above states:

    Indicator-SysMonitor - v0.8.2

    An Application Indicator showing cpu temperature, memory, network speed, cpu usage, public IP address and internet connection status .

    Works with Unity, Xubuntu, Gnome-Shell + app-indicator extension together with any other desktop environments that support AppIndicators.

    Also works with the Budgie-Desktop

    Offers the possibility to run your own command and display its output.

    Even though it already offers an option to display Public IP you can still write your own bash script which refreshes every x seconds with custom display information, in my case above a spinning pizza with time remaining in washing machine wash cycle (so you are told when to add fabric softener for rinse cycle).

    Indicator System Monitor is maintained by FossFreedom who is a regular visitor to Ask Ubuntu website.