Ubuntu – Is there an IDE with Inbuilt Browser and terminal


I'm looking for an IDE which helps me reduce my Alt-Tabbing. At any given time, I've got a Chromium session open (for testing my application), a gedit/geany session for editing, and a dedicated terminal for git etc.

I remember that there was something like this in Visual Studio and Expression Studio. I've been through Komodo Editor, Eclipse, Bluefish, Anjuta but it seems that none of them have an integrated browser. Also I do not like the inbuilt terminal of geany (can never seem to restart it after a misplaced Ctrl+D.

Just to be clear, I do not want a HTML preview mode (offered by Bluefish for eg) which allows me to preview my HTML. I need a full-fledged browser (with JS,DOM support) embedded in tabs.

I would love if an editor offered these three things (editor, terminal, and browser) in a tabbed View. Allowing multiple terminals is a big plus.

Is there such an IDE available?

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  • I think a better solutuion to your alt-tabbing problem would be, instead of trying to find an IDE which integrates all the things you need (what about an IRC client? Skype?) - is to use a window manager which helps you to organize your windows in a way which eliminates alt-tabbing and provides instant access to all your windows.

    Have a look at some tiling window managers - I personally use Xmonad but there are a few others.

    This way you will be able to use "real" programs - a real browser, a real terminal client - instead of their embedded versions.

    Here's a picture from xmonad.org:

    xmonad running on 3 monitors

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