Ubuntu – Is Ubuntu 16.04 on 2GB RAM practical


The neighbor's 2005 tech (desktop and laptop) both have 512MB with XP. The plan is to replace XP with either lubuntu or Ubuntu (preferable).

lubuntu with 512M is tolerable on the desktop (Dell XPS400): not so with Ubuntu. Before I buy any RAM (2GB Max) for either computer, I would like to know if I can expect users to have a responsive experience on Ubuntu with 2GB. The latop is a EEE-PC 1000HE.

If you have experience running Ubuntu 16.04 on 2GB of RAM please state this in your response, hardware (SSD?), and comment if it is responsive. If it is not, then I am inclined to just leave them with 512MB and install lubuntu. Thank you

Update: Received temporary custody and here are the updated specs

Best Answer

Ubuntu 32 bit version should work fine. There may be few glitches, but overall it will run good enough. Remember to keep a swap partition.