Ubuntu – Is Ubuntu still toxic to Macs with Fusion Drive

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Installing Ubuntu BROKE my (since-repaired) Fusion Drive.

I burned ubuntu-14.04-desktop-amd64+mac.iso to a DVD, and booted it and I asked it to install beside my OSX install on my homemade* Fusion Drive on my MacBookPro4,1.

Instead, it created a Linux swap partition (disk0s5), a non-bootable (even via rEFInd) partition (disk0s4) of the new new Linux filesystem data partition type, and made my OSX install NON-BOOTABLE by CHANGING the partition type of half of my fusion drive to FFFFFFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFFFFFFFFFF. I revived my system by changing the partition type back to Apple CoreStorage

I can find nothing in the Release Notes Change Summary for 14.04.1 to suggest a better result is likely due to a bug fix in .1.

So, any tips for how to make rEFInd boot the Ubuntu install on my disk0s4? (Or otherwise get Ubuntu installed safely beside my existing OSX Fusion Drive?) TIA.

I already tried creating /EFI/refind/drivers_x64/ and putting ext2_x64.efi in it.
My refind.conf is still in the default config. I can't mount disk0s4.

*My homemade Fusion Drive has been working well for many months; yes it really works; I get the speedup and it keeps 4GB free on the SSD and moves stuff, as shown by iostat -w9.

Best Answer

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS works fine on a fusion drive. However, make sure you partition the drive using the installer and do not use the Mac version of the Ubuntu ISO. The regular version supports EFI booting which also negates the need for rEFInd.

By installing in EFI mode, Ubuntu will be available as a boot option by holding down the Option key on startup. Also, do not add any additional partitions for example, SWAP. Only create one system partition for Ubuntu since Fusion drives only support one additional partition.

Here's a short clip showing Ubuntu being selected on startup on my MacBook Pro without rEFInd and natively booting via EFI: