Ubuntu – ISO Image Extraction Failure Rufus


I'm trying to install Ubuntu 16.04 from a USB drive. I'm using Rufus to create a bootable stick, but everytime I click start, it starts, and then gives the error ISO image extraction failure. What can I do?

Best Answer

  • What can I do?

    1. Check the MD5 of your ISO which too few people know you can ACTUALLY do using Rufus! Just click on the (✓) button next to SELECT (Rufus 3.0 or later) or the # button at the bottom of the Rufus interface (Rufus 2.18 or earlier) after selecting your ISO. There is no need to use another tool.
    2. Run a bad blocks check in Rufus, to make sure that the issue isn't with your flash drive.
    3. Report that issue in the official issue tracker for Rufus, along with your full log from Rufus, as this is the best place to get help with Rufus issues.
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