Ubuntu – Issues with Unity after installing and uninstalling FGLRX again


I tried to install FGLRX drivers on Ubuntu 13.04, but that didn't work out.

I then went back to the open source drivers (via update-manager) but I couldn't boot into a graphical OS.

I got a black screen with a prompt to log in.

I got in, launched lightdm manually, and reinstalled the OSS drivers… and now I have them installed, and I even seem to be using them (chrome://gpu reports that I am, and I can move things around the screen).

But everything is screwed up – I can't get Unity to launch, I'm still booting into the black screen, and I can't seem to fix this.


edit: I removed fglrx completely, and I now boot into a UI, but it's just a desktop background. No Unity.

edit2: I can now launch Unity manually… but it doesn't have any of my old settings, and doesn't have any plugins etc. So that's still not working great.

edit3: I went into CCSM and reenabled all of the plugins like Unity and gave default settings. IDK what else but something broke Unity, I can no longer launch it.

Best Answer

  • I managed to fix my Unity by switching back to the Xorg driver and renaming the ~/.config folder. I'm not sure exactly which configs got messed up, but starting fresh without config files worked for me.