Ubuntu – I’ve filed an ITP bug on bugs.debian.org – now how to get the package into Ubuntu


I've written a development library that I would like to include in the Ubuntu archives. From what I understand, the best way to do this is to first get the package into Debian and then request a package sync.

Here is the ITP bug.

What do I do now?

Looking at this page, I see horrifying things like "419 days in preparation" and "last activity 404 days ago". I get the impression that getting a package into Debian is a slow process.

Is there anything I can do to speed up the process? I've tried to do as much work as I can to smooth out the process – I've got a branch with Debian packaging (which gets by Lintian without any errors).

Best Answer

As you've already worked out, creating an ITP bug doesn't get your package into Debian. ITP bugs are how the Debian maintainers let each other know what they are working on, and elicit comments on proposed new packages. There are hundreds of such bugs, and most of them aren't showing much progress.

So, you need to move along to the next step, which is to find a sponsor for your package. The mentors site has a guide that you may find useful here. You've got as far as step 3 in that process.

I suggest uploading your package to mentors.debian.net, and filing a sponsorship request bug.

Once your package is in Debian unstable, it would be automatically synced to the Ubuntu development release. Assuming Ubuntu was currently pre-Debian-Import-Freeze, if not, it'd have to wait until the next Ubuntu release.