Ubuntu – JACK, PulseAudio and Firefox: Enable JACK for firefox in the near future


Firefox bug #1345661 was closed with "WONTFIX", which certainly will break my current setup in the near future (I play firefox sound through alsa_in:loopback->JACK). I have read that Firefox has JACK support now, though it is not yet stable. Questions:

  1. Will JACK support in Firefox be officially supported?
  2. Will Ubuntu enable JACK support in Firefox before raw ALSA support ends?

I the answer is No No, how can I reliable restore functionality without breaking JACK? It is possible to run PA through alsa_in, but I guess that would introduce some extra latency, break AV sync, or introduce signal distortion due to multiple resamplers.

Best Answer

  • I've compiled mozilla-central firefox with jack support and output (sources) Automatically get created when you visit a site with audio (i.e youtube).

    However - input sink sources do not get created ; I don't see them appear in cadence/jack patch bay. So anything that relies on Mic input fails. i.e meet.jit.si / webrtc tests...

    Another problem is that even using the pulseaudio bridge ; the same issue input sources even when connected correctly to the pulse-sink don't get recognized by firefox. In Chrome however Mic input correctly uses the plugged capture to pulse-sink. So I think this is a firefox bug in the way it detects and reports Mic presence information.

    My personal view is that the Input/capture sink sources should be created on firefox start up rather than on a per-tab/site basis as with the output sources in the jack only case.