Ubuntu – Java crashed with SIGABRT in WTFCrash()


on a newly installed Ubuntu 16.04, I was receiving Ubuntu 16.04 has experienced an internal error. there is a bug issue reported about OpenJDK with this error, therefore I completely removed Java and manually installed Oracle packages in JVM folder. yet I receive the same error.

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I could figure it out.there were two reasons, one was because of the Nvidia driver which I changed the driver and the other problem was occurring from Eclipse. I do not know what is GTK version 3 or 2 in eclipse, or for instance, Eclipse Neon was using version 2 and Oxygen version 3, but in eclipse forums, I found that people after upgrading to GTK3 faced the problem. so in eclipse.ini file I added --launcher.GTK_version 2 before --launcher.appendVmargs -vm and till now I did not face the problem anymore.

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