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I am trying to get my hands on some JSON file validators.

I came across jq but after running jq . file.json I only got JSON formatted output, not a validation of the JSON in my file.

I want to know how I can check the syntax or validate JSON format in my file in Ubuntu. Please advise!

Best Answer

Try jsonlint:

sudo apt install jsonlint

The basic usage syntax is


You find its manual by typing man jsonlint or visiting its online manpage:

An excerpt:

       jsonlint - A JSON syntax validator and formatter tool

       jsonlint [-v][-s|-S][-f|-F][-ecodec]inputfile.json...


       The  return  status  will  be  0 if the file is legal JSON, or non-zero
       otherwise.  Use -v to see the warning details.


       -v, --verbose
              Show details of lint checking
       -s, --strict
              Be strict in what is considered legal JSON (the default)
       -S, --nonstrict
              Be loose in what is considered legal JSON
       -f, --format
              Reformat the JSON (if legal) to stdout


So you can see whether your JSON is valid by checking the return code of jsonlint. You can see it by running echo $? right afterwards (0=OK, 1=invalid), or by evaluating it using &&, || or if.

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