Ubuntu – KDE Connect – Main phone and Desktop cant see each other – Second phone can see both the Main phone and Desktop


I was trying to set up KDE Connect on my Debian with KDE Plasma and my Main phone, however they could not see each other. Because of that I spent quite a lot of time dealing with the issue and ran through many discussions online about the issue (Setting up the firewall properly, different versions, etc.). However nothing helped.

Later I decided to KDE Connect on my other phone that I do not use nor intend to use. After launching the app I was able to see both my Main phone and my Desktop from it and connect to both of them. So my only guess is that there is an issue with either my Main phone or the app itself.

Just to be clear, both phones are Android phones and run the same version of the app 1.14.2

  • Main phone: Honor 8 lite / Android 8.0.0 (can see only second phone)
  • Second phone: Samsung Galaxy J5(2016) / Android 7.1.1 (can see both man phone and desktop)
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