Ubuntu – Keyboard language self switches


I'm on 13.10. I have an italian layout and sometimes while typing my layout self switches to soemthing different, and my modifiers (alt gr) do not work as expected anymore. I have to go to the inicator and choose "it" again. Then the keyboard works again.

Anybody else got this issue?
Any solution?

Best Answer

  • You can try to use program called setxkbmap. Try to add this after run :

    setxkbmap us

    (Add this command to startup applications)

    Where "us" is your prefered language... This should change your keyboard layout after you login.

    You can also set keyboard switching for example with alt + shift:

    setxkbmap -option grp:alt_shift_toggle cz,us

    Where "cz,us" specify languages that will be switching.

    Hope this help :)

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