Ubuntu – Keyboard shortcut to “Show Applications”


I want a keyboard shortcut that is equivalent to pressing the dotted "Show Applications" button on the Ubuntu dock. The closest thing in Settings > Devices > Keyboard is Show all applications (Super+A), but this shows not only all applications, but all activities as well (maybe a bug?). For example, here is a sequence of actions:

  1. I press Super+A to get up the applications dash.
  2. The
    applications dash pops up as expected.
  3. Now I want to close the
    applications dash, I hit Super+A OR Escape.
  4. It goes away,
    but now the activities dash is there instead of the desktop or
    whatever I had before Step 1).

Best Answer

What you're describing is a standard behaviour.

  • Pressing Super brings up the "Activities" overview (same as clicking "Activities" in the top-left). Pressing Super again brings you back to the desktop.
  • Pressing Super+A brings up the applications list (same as clicking "Show Applications" icon in the Ubuntu dock).
    But pressing Super+A again or pressing Escape won't take you back to the desktop, it takes you to the Activities overview instead (standard behaviour from GNOME shell). Press only Super when you have the applications list open to get back to your desktop.