Ubuntu – Keyboard shortcut to switch to an application by name


Is there a tool that will let me do the following sequence?

  1. Type a keyboard shortcut
  2. Type in the name of an application currently open on some desktop
  3. Hit Enter to switch to that desktop, and bring that application into focus instantly

(The Chromium plugin Vimium provides an analogous feature for browser tabs: pressing ShiftT in that environment to list all tabs, type in some words to filter by title, and hit enter to bring up the selected tab.)

Best Answer

In the same System Settings window that Mechanical snail mentions, you can configure a new Custom Shortcut (two places up the tree from Global Shortcuts). Make it of type Command/URL with the following action:

xdotool windowactivate `xdotool search --name Vimperator | head -1`

Of course, change Vimperator to the name of the desired application.