Ubuntu – Laptop screen stays blank after lid is reopened


I have an Acer Aspire One KAV60. Beginning with 11.10 through 12.10, every version of Ubuntu causes the screen to stay blank after I open the lid. The only way I can get out of the problem is a hard restart. Hitting the esc key or left mouse button causes the screen to flash on for a fraction of a second and I can see a working display when this happens, but I can't keep it on with any keystroke combination I have tried.

I have turned off all power saving options, disabled standby, and selected do nothing when the lid is closed. Nothing has any effect.

To avoid this problem (which often results in lost data if the lid is accidently closed before a program save) I have to stay with 11.04 even though it is now no longer supported.

There seem to be some bug fixes shown for this problem, but they specify non-intel graphics cards. My laptop has an on-board intel video driver. Under any circumstances, there seems to be no timeframe for fixing the bugs that are shown to exist.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Best Answer

  • There is a post from devilkin that solved my problem, here is the solution:

    It requires the ACPI VIDEO module loaded.

    Create the file /etc/acpi/lidswitch.sh with these lines (don't forget to chmod +x on it):

    # /etc/acpi/lidswitch.sh
    # Re-activates the screen when the lid is opened again
    grep -q open $LID_STATE
    if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
        echo 0x80000001 > $LCD_STATE

    Then put these lines in /etc/acpi/events/lidswitch (lidswitch not being a folder, but a file without a file extension):

    # /etc/acpi/events/lidswitch
    # This is called when the lid is closed or opened and calls
    # /etc/acpi/lidswitch.sh for further processing.
    event=button[ /]lid

    Extra help:

    (1) Use gedit to create these files. So open up Terminal, then type in 'sudo gedit' (without quotes) and copy and paste the lines above.

    (2) Use nautilus to apply the "chmod +x" property to the file. To do this, open up Terminal, then type in 'sudo nautilus' (without quotes) and the navigate to etc, acpi, then right-click on lidswitch.sh, navigate to Properties, then Permissions, then Allow executing file as program, then click Close.