Ubuntu – Laptop won’t get to grub after meddling with kernels


I recently found out I had different kernel versions installed, so I removed the 3.9 kernel as proposed in this answer on my earlier question. After that, I updated my grub, but My laptop won't seem to reach it.

Output of aptitude search linux | grep ^i:

i   libselinux1                     - SELinux runtime shared libraries          
i   libselinux1:i386                - SELinux runtime shared libraries          
i   linux-firmware                  - Firmware for Linux kernel drivers         
i A linux-headers-3.11.0-12         - Header files related to Linux kernel versi
i A linux-headers-3.11.0-12-generic - Linux kernel headers for version 3.11.0 on
i   linux-headers-3.11.4-031104     - Header files related to Linux kernel versi
i   linux-headers-3.11.4-031104-gen - Linux kernel headers for version 3.11.4 on
i   linux-headers-generic           - Generic Linux kernel headers              
i   linux-libc-dev                  - Linux Kernel Headers for development      
i   linux-sound-base                - base package for ALSA and OSS sound system
i   pptp-linux                      - Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) C
i   syslinux                        - collection of boot loaders                
i   syslinux-common                 - collection of boot loaders (common files) 
i   syslinux-legacy                 - Bootloader for Linux/i386 using MS-DOS flo
i   util-linux                      - Miscellaneous system utilities    

How do I proceed to fix this error from my live cd?

Best Answer

I've solved my own problem by working the magic of Boot Repair. I used the Live CD to automagically reinstall grub, fix my kernel mess. Only thing left to do was after I got to the login screen, reinstall my Nvidia drivers because my desktop was messed up.

I hope this can be of use for people experiencing the same problems.

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