Ubuntu – Lenovo z50/70 Laptop doesn’t wake up after suspend running Ubuntu 14.10


Once my laptop goes to suspend, it doesn't wake up.
I can see the LED lights saying that PC is on but screen remains black.

I am really new to Ubuntu and just recently installed it.

My laptop is Lenovo z50/70

Using Ubuntu 14.10 – haven't really done any customization on it.

Best Answer

  • Lenovo Z50-70, Suspend and hibernate works perfectly on Ubuntu 14.04. After a fresh install of 14.10, resume from suspend (and hibernate) always fails. I was unable to find any solution, so I completely disabled the suspend option on my laptop.

    This is not a ideal solution but prevents the accidental suspend and hibernate.

    Edit: June 1, 2015.

    Found the solution on another forum. Technically speaking Z50-70 has two GPU's, Intel & nvidia. If nvdia is the default GPU, suspend and hibernate will have issues.

    1. Run "nvidia-settings" on terminal.
    2. In "PRIME Profiles" tab, select the GPU as "Intel" instead of "NVIDIA".
    3. Save and restart your machine.

    src: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2278513&highlight=z50-70

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