Ubuntu – Let command doesn’t work to add real numbers

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I need to add some real numbers in a script. I tried:

let var=2.5+2.5 

which gives me an error – invalid arithmetic operator and then I tried:

let var=2,5+2,5 

which does not give me an error, but it gives me a wrong result -2 in this case.

Why? How to add real numbers using let or other command?

Best Answer

  • The first variant (let var=2.5+2.5) doesn't work because bash doesn't support floating point.

    The second variant (let var=2,5+2,5) works, but it may not be what you wish because comma has another meaning in this case: it's a separator, command separator. So, your command is equivalent in this case with the following three commands:

    let var=2
    let 5+2
    let 5

    which are all valid and because of this you get var=2.

    But, the good news is that you can use bc to accomplish what you wish. For example:

    var=$(bc <<< "2.5+2.5")

    Or awk:

    var=$(awk "BEGIN {print 2.5+2.5; exit}")

    Or perl:

    var=$(perl -e "print 2.5+2.5")

    Or python:

    var=$(python -c "print 2.5+2.5")