Ubuntu – Libre Office won’t open


Anything LibreOffice will not open.

I can open it if I switch user to guest.

I have searched and gotten many results for this problem, so that it seems to be common, but the answers are unintelligible to me. This one here said:

…there is a hidden folder ~/.config (so in your home directory). Could you make >it visible by typing Ctrl+H while in your home directory and remove the libreoffice >folder inside that folder? Good chance that all works fine then. Possibly (probably, my >guess) some settings file is damaged. Those files are not removed when uninstalling I >believe. – Jacob Vlijm 2 days ago

I don't know HOW to do this. Could someone please take it the very beginning, for someone like me who doesn't just know this stuff? Again, it seems like a common problem with an easy fix, if I just knew HOW.

Best Answer

i'm not going to add anything to Jacob comment but just inserting some screenshots to help:

Open your file manager and go to your home(it will open there by default).

Show hidden file by pressing CTRL+h

Now you can find many hidden files/dirs search for that named .config

enter image description here

Now open that directory and search for directory called libreoffice

enter image description here

Now remove this dir by pressing Delete or rightclick --> Move to Trash

Now log out and log in again then try to open libroffice again

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