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I read on the LibreOffice here that said you could use Firefox Personas on LibreOffice 4. Is this true, or did I misinterpret this?

Note from a later edit: The original link is no longer available. This is why it was changed with its copy kept by the Internet Archive WayBackMachine.

Best Answer

  • You can, indeed, customize LibreOffice with Firefox 'personas'.

    In LibreOffice, go to the menu Tools | Options. Under "LibreOffice", select Personalize (№ 1 in the image, below).

    'Personas' LibreOffice settings

    Click the button Select Persona (№ 2). A new dialog will open. Click the button Visit Firefox Personas (№ 3) or visit http://www.getpersonas.com/.

    Then you'll have to find a Firefox 'Persona' that you like and copy its URI address back in the LibreOffice dialog (№ 4).

    Click "Accept" and you're done.

    Firefox 'personas' in LibreOffice 4.0

    Image from this article.

    And this is one I use:

    enter image description here