Ubuntu – LibreOffice – Calibri font availible when opening a doc but not in dropdown


When I open a document sent to me by a colleague Calibri seems to work font as expected with the document:

enter image description here

But when I create a document on the same computer the Calibri font isn't available in the drop-down.

Best Answer

  • The image that you've included with your question shows that the name of the font is in italics. This means that the named font is not installed, and an automatically selected substitute has been used instead. If you hover the cursor over this italicised font name you may see a comment to this effect.

    If you don't wish to install the missing font, you can edit the Style to specify a font that is installed (right-click within a paragraph, and choose 'Edit Paragraph Style...' from the bottom of the dropdown menu).

    In Microsoft Office the same thing happens with missing fonts, but there's usually no indication that a font substitution has occurred.

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