Ubuntu – LibreOffice Writer Bengali language paragraph alignment isn’t properly Justified



I'm using LibreOffice in Ubuntu 17.10 operating system. Both of my Locale setting and the Complex text layout setting are set to Bengali (Bangladesh). I use IBus m17n as the language input method to write Bangla/Bengali texts.


When I use the FormatParagraphAlignment tabOptionJustified command, the Bengali language paragraphs in my .odt documents do not get justified properly. The right side of the alignment gets unevenly justified. Moreover, the spaces between the words — and the spaces between the words and the punctuation marks — are unevenly distributed. That is to say, there are false spaces appearing randomly here and there in the paragraphs. Please see the screenshot:

file attached herewith.

If I try to delete such a false space by putting the cursor to the right side of the "space" and hit the Backspace Key, the "space" doesn't delete; it actually deletes the immediate next character to the left of the cursor.

Please tell me how to fix the problem.


Clue One: When I convert the same Bengali language paragraphs to any of English language fonts like Liberation Serif the justification alignment and spaces become absolutely perfect.

Clue Two: English language paragraphs in the same document (even if they are converted to some Bengali language font like Lohit Bengali) shows no such trouble. They are just okay.