Ubuntu – LibreOfficeCalc window is shrunk to a line and is unclickable


I moved the LibreOfficeCalc window from full width to my other screen and suddenly it became just a line:

enter image description here

enter image description here

Now I cant find it on my desktop anymore:

enter image description here

The problem is, even if I close the LibreOfficeCalc from the navbar and reopen it again, its still not visible. Probably because it saved the "line" width as default. I can't find anything to click and expand on my desktop.

What can I do so I can use it again?

I already tried to remove and reinstall it, but the issue remains. Every file that I open is now a line.

Best Answer

  • Usually, one still sees the very small window. However, you apparently don't.

    Try switching to the window with Alt+Tab. Then press Alt+Space, which should display the window menu. You can select "Resize", and then use the arrow keys to resize the window. Press Enter when done resizing.

    In cases where you still can see the extremely small window, you should be able to locate the mouse pointer on one of the corners in such a way that the cursor changes shape to indicate you can resize: . Drag, and you see you can stretch the window to a decent size.