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It seems that loading the Gnome Terminal theme files is not working anymore in Ubuntu 15.04:

gconftool-2 --load terminal-flat-theme.xml

This does not change my current theme.

The theme file looks like this.

How can I load this XML file as theme?

Best Answer

  • I had the same problem in the past. I overcame it, by generating a file that is readable by the new version (3.14.2). To do this, you can visit a site called terminal.sexy, upload your theme there, and convert it to a gnome-terminal compatible shell script. It worked for me, because I had been using the tomorrow theme by base16.

    The one line install method :

    run the command wget -O - http://git.io/vZijG | bash and skip to step 5.

    Steps to install the theme manually:

    1. save the context of the file in a shell file (for example, theme.sh).
    2. then run the script by running the command sh filename.shor if you make the script executable by running chmod +x filename.sh, then you can simply run the script by running the command ./filename.sh.
    3. Next, you can go to terminal -> change profile.
    4. You will see a list of profiles there, where, if you run the script I have given above, will be called terminal.flat.theme.
    5. Next, you can go to terminal -> preferences -> profiles, and select Profile used when launching the terminal as the new profile we just created (in this case, it will be named terminal.flat.theme.
    6. Restart, and Voila, your new theme will appear.

    The content of the theme file can be found here.

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