Ubuntu – Logitech k400r wireless keyboard trackpad settings for Ubuntu 14.04


I brought a Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400r and plugged it to my laptop, OS is Ubuntu 14.04. It worked just out of the box. However the problem I noticed that its trackpad is very slow and I wanted to change its settings. Setpoint software which Logitech provides to customize keyboard option doesn't have a linux distribution. The only option which I find for Ubuntu was Solaar app. Though it has some options, but do not include trackpad settings. Is there any workaround of trackpad settings available for this Logitech wireless keyboard running on Ubuntu? Basically I am looking for Logitech Setpoint alternative in Ubuntu.

Update —

After searching a lot, I found hidpoint which seems to be not active anymore.

Best Answer

I got to this page as I was trying to find a way to keep function keys as normal (and not their K400/r special functions which works in windows). Finally found it in Solaar, which has a "Swap Fx function" which should be turned to OFF

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