Ubuntu – Lost all permissions to the NTFS partition


I have lost "Write" permission for myself, and all other permissions for 'Others' and 'Group' on my important NTFS Partition(Contains all my Data).
Any amount of Chmod(ing) or using the GUI to set it right isn't working.

I get this error when doing it the GUI way.(No other details of why it couldn't set permissions is mentioned).

enter image description here

And this happens when doing it in CLI. This is quite an issue need help fast.

enter image description here

Output of cat /etc/fstab

enter image description here

Output of dmesg | tail

enter image description here

Best Answer

  • I got my answer on ubuntuforums.org

    I was using the ntfs driver and not the ntfs-3g driver. I just needed to install the ntfs-3g driver and everything worked properly.