Ubuntu – Macbook Pro backlight control not working on Ubuntu 16.04


I'm trying to fix the backlight issue on my Macbook Pro Retina after installing Ubuntu 16.04.

The problem is the backlight dimmer buttons F1 F2 or Fn+F1 and Fn+F2 are not working at all after installing Ubuntu 16.04.

I have run in some answers that recommends to set the acpi_backlight=vendor on the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT parameter and rebooting it and still not working.

Also I've tried this other workaround https://itsfoss.com/fix-brightness-ubuntu-1310/ but the ls /sys/class/backlight/ directory returns different files, I've also tried to set some configuration similar to the one proposed on the link but then I got an error at booting Ubuntu on the graphics card.

Have anybody figured this out?

Best Answer

  • What I did was:

    sudo vim /etc/rc.local 

    and added the following line before the exit line

    setpci -v -H1 -s 00:01.00 BRIDGE_CONTROL=0

    then just reboot.

    That worked for me.