Ubuntu – Make command will not work

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The make command for build-essential will not work, my build essential has the newest update.

im trying to install rtl8723bs, its at driver for my laptops networkcard, but when i try to do the make command it just wount work.

sorry for my verry bad english >D
Screenshot of me trying to do the make command

Build-essential i up to date

Best Answer

  • First, no need to run make as root, just make

    Second, there is no error message. In Linux as long as the command runs without errors there may be no message.

    To see if it worked, run ls again.

    I see .bin files so it appears make worked just fine.

    Now run sudo make install

    you need sudo to install as these are system files.

    When in doubt, read the README and/or MAKEFILE, the make file is plain text

    EDIT - you are already root, so no need for sudo at all. Why are you running as root ?

    Last it appears you are not running ubuntu ;)