Ubuntu – Make sniqt recognize all tray abilities (or create a working indicator in Qt)


There is this old thread of mine: How do I create a working indicator with Qt/C++? where I was suggested to use the QSystemTray library for making a tray icon in Ubuntu for my application.

Sniqt is a program that takes care of the rest. As known, Ubuntu has got rid of tray icons. Instead, it now uses indicators and only indicators. Sniqt converts the Qt tray icons into working indicators.

The problem is that it doesn't do a very decent convertion. Actions like single click, middle click etc do not work, while they do in systems that support tray icons.

Is there a way to have these actions back? Can I use QSystemTray icon and still have these interesting (and very helpful, in my occasion) actions in Ubuntu?

I would be glad to know the answer to the other thread I talked about earlier (how to make a working indicator using the GTK libraries and prevent the crash), as well.

Link for Sniqt bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/sni-qt/+bug/1027652

Best Answer

  • It seems that Qt does not support this thing, at least on Ubuntu Unity, even if it has a signal 'activated'. So I would recommend you to use GTK and a normal trayicon, I see no alternative with Qt. You may contact the developers of Qt for clarification on this.