Ubuntu – Microphone not working on Ubuntu 20.04 KDE Plasma with pulseaudio and pavucontrol installed


Microphone is not working on my desktop. What I have tried to:

  1. Reinstalled alsa-base pavucontrol pulseaudio. This changed nothing

sudo apt removeauto --purge alsa-base pavucontrol pulseaudio

sudo reboot

sudo apt install alsa-base pavucontrol pulseaudio

  1. Removed pavucontrol and pulse audio. And then micro started working, but no sound control and started to appear error Error loading QML file: file:///home/noah/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.audiodeviceswitcher/contents/ui/main.qml:29:1: module "org.kde.plasma.private.volume" is not installed

  2. Installed pavucontrol and pulseaudio, rebooted and then sound control came back, error disappeared, but micro stopped working again

Best Answer

  • Ok, so this is what fixed this issue for me

    1. Run command pavucontrol or just open pavu volume control in apps
    2. Go to 'Input Devices'
    3. Scroll down to 'Built-in Audio Analog Stereo'
    4. Click on lock icon
    5. Set 'Front Right' slider to zero
    6. Adjust 'Front Left' so you get clean sound

    I think that you may try to go with 'Front Left' to zero instead, based on you mic.

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