Ubuntu – Microphone static noise


I installed Ubuntu 14.04 with dualboot. But i have problem with microphone noise. I can not find any noise reduction in Ubuntu.

Sound quality is for me quite important, because i am talking with friends on TeamSpeak, recording videos on youtube and doing livestreams.

I have microphone in headset, and i never had any problem with it in Windows.

I tried alsamixer and PulseAudio Volume Control, but it does not help, because it only lowered my volume, but noise is still here.

Please do not post here applications like audacity, because i need realtime reduction, because livestreams and talking on teamspeak.

PC: Desktop

Sound card: RealtekĀ® ALC892

Best Answer

  • Try reducing the input volume in the sound settings. By normal the volume shouldn't be that high. Mine is shown in the picture.

    Sound settings in Ubunut

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