Ubuntu – Microsoft Money alternative


UPDATE: I found YNAB which runs very nice in wine too. (The upcoming version 5 appears to be web-based instead.)

I'm looking for something to replace my MS Money 2004 application.

  • I've tried KMyMoney which seems pretty simple (that's good!) but it can't import the OFC files I get from my bank, so I would have to enter everything manually = not good.
  • I've tried GnuCash which does import OFC files but I can't wrap my mind around this double-entry philosophy. It may be good for accounting but not for home use.
  • I've tried to make MS Money run in Wine with some success but it was hard to make it work and I'd have to re-do that on my new machine. This is still a useful alternative for me though…

Is there a similar tool that can import OFC files and that doesn't do double-entry accounting? Tax capability is not needed for me, I only do after-tax numbers. Some nice dashboard views (upcoming bills, future cash flow, total net worth) and some graphs would be a definite bonus!

Update: I'm in Austria (Europe!) so purely US-based tools like Mint aren't relevant. Also, I really DO mean OFC format, not OFX. I have to use whatever my bank offers, even if some say it's an old format.

Best Answer

I am the main developer of Skrooge and I would like to suggest you:

  1. Try to change the extension of your file by .OFX and try to import it with Skrooge. Most of the time, it works.
  2. Send me by email an example of OFC file (you can find me email in the about page of skrooge), I will add the OFC import in the application.