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I bought the Arturia Keystep, and I looked up on the website. There was no linux version of the driver/midi center. Any help?

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  • If you are able to see your MIDI controller when you run:


    then this guide should get you set up with the basics. It goes into quite a lot of detail and discusses possible errors you might face and I wouldn't want to skip anything or take credit away from it.

    This command should display your controller:

    cat /proc/asound/cards

    You do not need WINE for any of this.

    On Ubuntu 16.04, I then needed to do the following:

    Add an audio group to run your software at the right priority:

    sudo addgroup audio

    Add yourself to the audio group:

    sudo adduser $USER audio

    Check what address your soundcard is on for output (it's usually hw:0):

    aplay -l

    Install Fluidsynth and a soundfont which will act as your synthesizer:

    sudo apt-get install fluidsynth
    sudo apt-get install fluid-soundfont-gm

    Install JACK2 which will be the sound server that sits on top of Alsa:

    sudo apt-get install jackd2

    Run the JACK server, but allow it to bypass any concurrent pulseaudio process:

    pasuspender -- jackd -d alsa --device hw:0 --rate 44100 --period 1024

    Run the synthesizer with one of the default sounds:

    fluidsynth --server --audio-driver=jack --connect-jack-outputs /usr/share/sounds/sf2/FluidR3_GM.sf2

    Now check what ports your servers are running on. This should display your MIDI controller(note the number after client, I got 129):

    aconnect -i

    And this should display the port for Fluidsynth(I got 128):

    aconnect -o

    Connect the two(remember 129 and 128 are for illustrative purposes, use the port numbers you see in the above two commands):

    aconnect 129:0 128:0

    You should now be able to hear sounds when hitting the keys on your controller!

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