Ubuntu – Mobile Broadband not showing in Network Manager


I have very big problem with mobile broadband connections…
I tried on my laptop to connect and searched the web for possible solution, but didn't found it.

The problem is that i DON'T have the menu Mobile Broadband. I have only Wireless and Wired connection. I even don't see the Enable Mobile Broadband! I had success with one USB modem with sakis3g, but on my new Alcate didn't worked.

I've tried also on new freshly installed Ubuntu 12.04 on PC, and again – no menu at all for Mobile Broadband! When I open "Network connections" I have menu Mobile Broadbands and when I add a connection – nothing happens, it shows me "last used – never"

In addition to add – In "Networks" I can't add Mobile Broadband, I only have Wired, Wireless, Network Proxy and when I try to add ne type it only shows VPN option.

When I saw I didn't have "Mobile Broadband" in network manager I tried to reinstall it and did big mess, now my menu is very strange (I thing I didn't installed the amd64 at first and that's why it's so weird )

Best Answer

The USB Modem was recognised as Flash Memory and that was the problem! The only thing you have to do is this:

Disk Utility -> The USB FLASH drive(there will be 2 devices for you Model, choose the CD/DVD drive) and UnMount it!

That's it! After this wait a little bit and you're ready!