Ubuntu – Most of steps from LAMP>phptheadmin are complete, yet localhost/phptheadmin shows lots of code


I have installed and restarted and purged and re-installed everything 5 times over, edited .conf files, modified index.html, established htpasswd, etc… and I think I have most things ironed out, but still when I load http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ it shows a bunch of code. I am a complete buffoon with code I haven't seen before, but the page starts out with:

addJSON( 'options', PMA_RecentTable::getInstance()->getHtmlSelectOption() ); exit; } if ($GLOBALS['PMA_Config']->isGitRevision()) { if 

Blah blah General Settings, blah blah blah

I know in the past I have gotten phpmyadmin to work, but it has been a long time, but I know this can't be right…

This is a related question that I may have transcended, yet things are still not working…

Testing phpmyadmin install for Drupal in Ubuntu14.04: localhost test page not loading

it may be interesting to note that sometimes www.icanhazip.com shows what I understand to be my public ip address, a series of 4 numbers, separated by 3 periods, or sometimes like now, it shows 8 series of alpha-numeric characters separated by 7 colons.

Best Answer

It sounds like php is not installed, or possibly libapache2-mod-php5 is not installed but php is if you are using apache

sudo apt-get install php5 libapache2-mod-php5

That should fix all that up.

As for your ip difference, the first one is IPv4, the second is IPv6. There is a limit of ~4.3 billion IPv4 addresses possible (including private ranges etc) which the world has pretty much reached. IPv6 has about 15 quintillion addresses or something, and the internet is (very slowly) moving towards using IPv6.

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