Ubuntu – Mount an image created from ddrescue


I know this question has been asked before, but following those answers does not seem to work for me.

I have created an image of a USB stick this is on my laptop harddrive. How do I mount this image?

The command I used to create the image was:

ddrescue –no-split /dev/sdb usb_recovered usb_recovery_log

What am I supposed to do next? Mount it? Fix it then mount it? Mount it then fix it? And how?


What I want to recover are the files in the image. How? I don't know as I have tried testdisk and it can't find partitions, and I have tried fdisk and it can't find a partition table in the image either.

Best Answer

  • To recover data from a carved image of a damaged drive we usually simply load this image to our recovery software.

    For Testdisk/Photorec Install testdisk we simply issue the following command

    testdisk image.dd  # to recover partitions
    photorec image.dd  # to recover single files

    Please consult the very nice tutorials from CG Security on further options and steps to take:

    Note that you will not be able to recover filenames, permissions and directories from running PhotoRec. It will just give you random numbered files, but with an appropriate extension.

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