Ubuntu – Mounting and accessing Western Digital’s MyCloud NAS


I have bought a Western Digital Mycloud disk. I did succeed to mount it under Lubuntu 13.10 by means of the following command:

sudo mount -o soft,intr,rsize=8192,wsize=8192 
<IP address>:/nfs /home/myusername/nfs/

Afterwards I do see the various shares in the directory nfs.

Unfortunately however I do not get access to the files. This is because the Western Digital device needs a username and password.

I am a Linux rookie so would there be someone willing to tell me how to specify these in the mount command?

Thanks in advance!

Best Answer

  • AFP is Apple File Protocol which, along with Samba, is natively supported by the WD NAS server. You can also use smbfs or cifs on your Linux box and mount the shares permanently (see here) or you can use NFS. NFS, particularly udp, offers better performance but poorer security. I use NFS because file ownership and permissions are an important issue to me and they are not fully supported in smbfs/cifs.

    I have just posted a how-to to set up NFS between a Linux client running 14.04 and a WD Own Cloud NAS server - see here.

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