Ubuntu – Mouse and Keyboard Freeze


I installed Ubuntu 10.10 today and have had mouse problem since.

Symptoms: At some arbitrary point in time (frequency: 2-3 times per hour), the mouse and keyboard stops working for ever(may be).

I start System monitor, I found out network was shutdown just before mouse freeze.

Some time my keyboard keep typing one key.
For example:77777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777…..(it keep typing for >20 sec)

I found out a script just solve the freeze problem:(I hit Powerbutton)

event=button[ /]power



rmmod psmouse

modprobe psmouse

Yesterday I install Ubuntu 10.04 FAILED also have mouse problem.
When I switch back to Windows XP. The network card is down. It kept connecting and disconnecting 1 time per sec.

CPU: i5

Motherboard: ASUS P7P55D

OS: Windows XP + Ubuntu 10.10

Video Card: ATI 5770

Mouse,Keyboard: PS/2


I bought USB keyboard/mouse, and it works nicely.

Best Answer

  • OK after reading several other threads I found THIS !!!

    "I was using a USB Mouse Connected to my PS2 Mouse Port thru an adapter.

    Connect your mouse directly to a USB Port. Do not connect to the PS2 mouse port. "

    I am doing this myself and have not had any lockups as of yet (3 Hrs).

    Try this and see what results you get .