Ubuntu – Mouse cursor freezing randomly for 5 seconds


I have just upgraded from 17.10 to 18.04. Every went smoothly but now my mouse cursor randomly freeze for about 5 seconds.

I was using Gnome Shell on Wayland. And I got no problem (except some lags here and then which seems to be gone); now I am still using it and I have that problem.

Moreover, I tried Gnome Shell on Xorg and the problem is stil there !

I tried changing the graphics driver (the intel one aka i965) by using a more up to date one by using the PPA oibaf. It also changed nothing.

I have not tried yet Unity but ….

  • I have changed the battery of the mouse, still no change.
  • I have changed the USB port the receiver of the wireless mouse is in, still no change.
  • I will try another mouse but I don't expect it to be different because all was fine before the upgrade and not now.

It is really the mouse freezing only and not the display because I let running glxgears while a froze happen, and the wheels were still spinning.

Best Answer

  • This is due to interference, it is unlikely to be connected with wasps, try using a wired mouse for a while, if the problem is resolved, then search near the computer for what can cause interference data, a receiver, a phone, anything.