Ubuntu – Mouse Scrolling – Middle Click


I'm a linux newbie, and I just installed Ubuntu 15.04 (I think?) on my laptop today.

The one thing that is puzzling me is my inability to be able to scroll through webpages/documents by clicking the middle mouse button and then moving the mouse up and down like Windows. There seems to be no quick way to scroll through long webpages.

I've googled this answer a lot, and haven't found anything of any use. Either the solution has been disabling middle button which I don't want to do, or it is extremely complex and goes way over my head at the moment.

So is there a simple solution to be able to scroll through webpages quickly by clicking my middle mouse wheel like I've been used to doing for years?

Thanks in advance

Best Answer

  • In Firefox, Just have to go in EDIT > PREFERENCES > ADVANCED and check AUTOSCROLLING.