Ubuntu – Mouse wheel jumpy on scrolling

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I have a small issue that's really annoying me and wondering if there is a possible fix for it.

im using the latest distro of Ubuntu 10.10 and when scrolling up and down pages, especially in google chrome (also within folders etc) the page flickers up and down as I scroll.

There is no issue with the mouse itself as it works fine in other operating systems, but in ubuntu 10.10 it just lacks smoothness as well as it being jumpy.

To describe exactly how it just imagine that the page has 20 scroll jumps, you would normally scroll the mouse wheel once and it would go exactly one step down the page, but if I scroll about 5 clicks, it will jump back and forth.

Hope you can understand and can help me resolve this pain in the …

Best Answer

Above solutions didn't work for me however...

The fix for me for this (I had the problme for months!) was kinda surreal and like most folks I didn't believe it until I did it:

Turns out some MS mice have a scrollwheel bug.

Try unplugging the USB cable / dongle then plug back in.

That's it!

Now my mouse moves normally (one line at a time, not half a screen!)

This worked even though I use a 4-port screen/keyboard/mouse KVM box ! Yeah!