Ubuntu – MouseImp alternative on Linux (drag and scroll)


is there a tool that enables you to scroll by dragging the mouse with the right button pressed. I was using an app called "MouseImp" on Windows many years ago. The tool was quite handy, since you were able to scroll much faster than with the mouse-wheel e.g. on large pages. Moreover you were able to scroll horizontally as well.

This all was possible by just keeping the right mouse-button pressed anywhere on a window and dragging the pointer up, down etc.

The software became open-source a few years ago but AFAIK there has not been a linux port.


Best Answer

  • I have just found the tool that pefectly works! It is even better than MoueImp on Windows has been, and works globally, anywhere you have a scrollbar.

    It is called Gpointing and can be installed from the Ubuntu Software-Center or by typing

    sudo apt-get install gpointing-device-settings

    in a terminal.

    You need to start the tool, activate mouse-wheel-emulation and choose your desired mouse button (right button is number 3 in my case).

    The tool seems to be great for touchpad-users as well, since it allows you to customize so many things, like scrolling with circular movement on the touchpad (very handy on large pages).

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