Ubuntu – Move ubuntu hard drive to another laptop

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I have Ubuntu 10.04 installed in my HP PAVILION DV6 laptop (office). I want to move the hard disk to my HP PAVILION G6 laptop (personal). I have many software packages installed in my office laptop. Will there be any problem if I do so? I checked many related questions but could not find the one I needed.

I will not be using it in my work laptop anymore. I will switch my personal hard disk and the work hard disk in my personal laptop as i need. How can I achieve this? Is this really possible?

Best Answer

  • It may work fine and it may crash and burn. There's no real way of telling. Since the two computers are somewhat similar, you may have better luck than others, but there's still no way of knowing. The best you can do is try and see.

    If it boots up, that's great. If it doesn't work, your only option is really to manually transfer things over.