Ubuntu – Multiple workspaces on Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS and later with GNOME Shell


Any idea how to have more than 2 workspaces on Ubuntu 18.04.1?

Best Answer

GNOME shell in Ubuntu 18.04 has a "dynamic workspaces" feature by default, which means there is no fixed number of workspaces.

Workspaces can be created on demand, and are automatically removed when empty.

There will always be an empty workspace below the workspaces you're using. Just open an application window in the second workspace, you should find a third workspace appearing (which is empty) and so on (check the official documentation for more info).

You can disable this feature and switch to fixed number of workspaces. First install (GNOME) Tweaks by running

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

Then launch Tweaks and go to the "Workspaces" section. Select "Static Workspaces" instead of "Dynamic Workspaces" and set the "Number of Workspaces" to your preferred one, 4 for example.

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