Ubuntu – Music streaming services does not work in Chromium


I have a newbie question. I'm just starting my adventure with Ubuntu, but I encountered a small but annoying problem. While using Chromium Spotify Web Player just does not work. The only thing I receive is error on the top of the web page on pink background saying: "Unfortunately there was an error while playing song, load again" or something like this (I'm not using English version, so I'm not sure how exactly translate this error). Then I even can't click one Pause/Play button becouse nothing happens. Also one of my favourite online radio does not work. It is loading forever and buttons also does not work. Do I have to install any specific plugin to make it work? I would like to mention that in Firefox everything works perfectly fine but I want to stick with Chromium becouse of sync with my second PC. I know there is Spotify app for Linux but working radio is still important for me.
Thanks in advance!

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