Ubuntu – My hardware needs a module to be blacklisted to work, how can I get this fix shipped


I have an Acer Timeline 1830T. When I install 10.10 and 11.04 it needs to have the acer-wmi module blacklisted for wireless to work.

I think I need to file a bug on the linux kernel but I am not sure. I've heard the term "quirk" being thrown around by developers when it comes to fixing something so that it works on certain pieces of hardware.

Is this indeed a kernel bug? What steps should I take to ensure that this gets reported so that everyone with my laptop doesn't have to go through this over and over?

Best Answer

This is a kernel bug¹, so you'd want to use ubuntu-bug linux in a Terminal. You'd then want to modify the created bug report to add that you need to blacklist acer-wmi as a workaround for the wireless chipset not working as suspected.

¹ Technically it isn't a kernel bug but probably a combination of broken hardware, BIOS, and kernel drivers. On the upside, it probably can be hacked around in the kernel, hence the loose use of "kernel bug."