Ubuntu – My laptop screen has a purple tint. How to fix it


I am using Ubuntu 18.04. My graphics card is AMD Radeon R3 Graphics.

This a screenshot of my screen.

enter image description here

Clearly the blue circle appears purple. Why is it happening and how to solve it?

My system is thoroughly updated and upgraded.

Or is it that I am actually color blind?

Best Answer

Since version 3.24, Gnome has a built-in blue light filter called Night Mode (AKA Night Light). It is now almost a proven fact that exposure to blue light in night-time disrupts our sleep pattern. Night Mode is there for that reason: to limit your exposure to both bright and blue light from the screen. It works by applying a red hue upon screen. So when it is turned on, blue color may look purple (this is the case here, see comments on the question).

Go to Settings > Devices > Display. There you can customize Night Mode by setting activation time or controlling red-level. Or you can disable the feature altogether.


You can also change it through commmand line.

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