Ubuntu – My MATLAB launcher doesn’t work


I've installed MATLAB R2011a on Ubuntu 11.10 today following Ubuntu's guide.

I've also followed the steps to create the launcher. It appeared, but when I click on it nothing happens. Does anyone knows what can I do to fix it?

Additional info

I can run it perfectly through terminal. My only problem is getting the launcher to work.
To create the launcher I used these instructions:

  1. Get an icon:

     sudo wget http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/21/Matlab_Logo.png -O /usr/share/icons/matlab.png
  2. Get the launcher file:

     sudo wget 'https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MATLAB?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=matlab-r2011a.desktop' -O /usr/share/applications/matlab.desktop

Best Answer

Try specifying the full path in the launcher you are using.

So for example if the output of which matlab is /usr/bin/matlab, then change the Exec field to

Exec=/usr/bin/matlab -desktop

Note that if this does solve the issue for you it's likely because you have a script called matlab that is shadowing the original matlab command and so perhaps matlab is not receiving the -desktop flag which it needs to run when launched without a terminal.

See this entry for more details about getting the launcher to start properly by using -desktop.

If for some reason you still get nothing, try setting the type field to terminal application to diagnose the problem further.

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