Ubuntu – My microphone is not working


My alsa info: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=f940e25a16fa01f2a1c2f980562b2a97d4b97ee5
My k56cd asus laptop has a combo jack (both headphones and mic) so when i plug in my headphones (Razer Kraken pro neon which have only 1 jack) only the headphones work, the mic does not.

Best Answer

  • Install "Jack retasking for HDA Intel sound cards" with:

    sudo apt install alsa-tools-gui
  • Open it with the windows key or in terminal:

  • Select the up-right checkbox "Show unconnected pins"

  • In the not connected pins 0x18 and 0x19, select "override", and select "microphone". If, they don't have the microphone option, do this in 0x16 or 0x12

  • Click "apply now" (bottom right) and "install boot override".

  • install pavucontrol

    sudo apt install pavucontrol
  • Open pavucontrol, go to Input devices (4th menu) and select "Microphone", instead of "Internal microphone" (if it appears "(unplugged)" see if the volume indicator moves while you speak, otherwise restart - it can still be "unplugged" but should work).

For dual-boot systems, turn off the machine after the last windows use.